Your GREEN Landlords

  • How long do Frogs live < 40 years
  • How long do Turtles live < 150 years
  • How long does that “Red Headed” wood pecker” live < 30 years
  • How long does that “Mockingbird” live < 25 years



  1. Larry Cahoon says:

    Bear in mind that all these creatures, in addition to their innate beauty and appeals to our senses, perform what we now call ‘ecosystem services’ – eating mosquitoes, spreading seeds, fertilizing the soil, etc.

    • I love the term “ecosystem services”. We can only hope the frogs, lizards, bats, birds, and other benefactors will refrain from organizing into a LABOR UNION, then striking when their demands are not met…

      We must NEVER forget the TRUE CULPRIT of the BLACK DEATH (+200 million deaths). It was caused by flea bites to humans after they endlessly exerted efforts towards getting rid of the rodent population DUE to their creation of placing trash along the streets, along with emptying their “waste devices” into the streets…..

      Yet these fleas had the virus for over 1 million years. (per modern scientific data-sets)

      Interesting……interesting INDEED!

  2. Amphibians, such as frogs, toads, and salamanders, are highly susceptible to contaminants, including fertilizers, weed and pest killers, and detergents, released into their environment. This is because amphibians breathe, at least in part, and absorb water through their skin providing an easier way for contaminants to enter the animals bodies.

    – Reduce your dependence on pesticides
    – Choose non-chemical weed controls whenever possible
    – Minimize fertilizer use

    Ref: Homeowner’s Guide to Protecting Frogs — Lawn & Garden Care (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

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