Mater Time – Plant Tomatoes NOW

Its time to plant your tomatoes for 2015 in Brunswick County NC

Fire Ants – Good for the Garden!

Fire ants voraciously consume populations of fleas, ticks, termites, cockroaches, chinch bugs, mosquito eggs and larva

Brunswick County NC Spring 2013 Garden Planting Dates

Below is the Spring 2013 planting guide for Brunswick County NC:

A marriage of 63 years – 1950 FARMALL CUB

The 2013 growing season is near. The 1950 FARMALL CUB Tractor

100 ft garden row using Green IRT plastic mulch

The below video is a report on the progress of a 100 ft. garden row using Green IRT plastic mulch with drip tape irrigation

Recycled 2-liter bottles for watershed gardening

Experimentation using a cut 2-liter bottle and Mammoth Sunflowers.

Brunswick County NC Gardening: SOIL QUALITY

Interview with Chuck Parks about soil quality, soil testing, and soil improvement.