Natural Pest Solutions


  • Rub unpeeled orange over pet (do this outside). To keep fleas off pets when they go outside, use a sticky-tape clothes lint roller and roll over pets before they come inside.
  • Natural Flea Collar: Take a leather pet collar and soak overnight in mild solution of dish soap, lemon juice, and water. Let completely dry. Will last 2 to 3 weeks.


  • Hot sauce and water spray solution
  • Pour wine or beer in dinner plate


  • For invasive ants, draw a chalk line. Ants will not cross chalk lines.

Bed Bugs:

  • 4 dryer sheets under mattress


  • Peppermint or spearmint oil


  • Coconut Oil and White Vinegar spray solution

Gophers and Moles:

  • Drop eatable Laxative down gopher and mole holes

Fire Ants:

  • Mix Boric Acid in jelly and place near Fire Ant mound.


  • Grind up mint soap, place in fabric bag and hang on trees or sprinkle near garden or flower beds.
  • Sprinkle black or red pepper around garden and flower beds.


  • Place dryer sheets in pockets and under hats for mosquitoes
  • Make mild spray solution of natural peppermint mouthwash and water.
  • Place a few drops of lemon dish soap in water using a white dinner plate and place outside.


  • Peppermint oil


  • Garlic and water spray

Bees and Wasp

  • 2 inches non-diet soda left in 2 liter bottle. Note: Bees are highly important for the pollination of gardens, plants, shrubs, and trees.


  • Sprinkle red pepper or black pepper.


  • Plant Catnip plants around home.


  • Keep rodents down with peppermint oil and snakes will leave. Note: bird feeder seed droppings attract mice which attract snakes.

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