Deforestation leads to DROUGHT – California History

Update on Thursday, June 18, 2015 ( Admin)

We are the 1st to state our post may be somewhat construed. We value our TOP scientific contributors, such as Dr. Lawrence Cahoon, Professor of Biology and Marine Biology at the University of NC Wilmington. Dr. Cahoon’s scientific articles have been published in several reputable scientific journals and media outlets.

Per Dr. Cahoon, this is the main scientific cause of the DROUGHT in CALIFORNIA:

Dr. Cahoon Response (June 18, 2015)

California’s major weather maker is the Pacific Ocean; prevailing winds in the northern hemisphere move air from west to east in the temperate zone, so California is downwind of the Pacific. Three factors that are related to each other control most of California’s precipitation: the positions of the jet streams, ENSO, and the state of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), which is a large scale sea surface temperature oscillation. When the jet stream diverges away from California (farther north) storms that ride along the jet stream track away from California – you see this frequently in weather animations of storms hitting the West Coast.  ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) drives inter-annual variation in the sea surface temperatures along the west coast of North and South America. Cold water conditions (strong upwelling of deep water) typically reduce rainfall, as cold ocean water does not evaporate as well as warm water. El Nino, a warm water event, should bring more rainfall to CA. Cold water conditions (La Nina) bring drier conditions to CA (and elsewhere). The PDO oscillates at a much longer time scale (decadal); right now it has been in a cold phase since about 2000. That makes for drier conditions in CA as well for the same reason – less water vapor. ENSO is partially coupled with the PDO, but they are distinct phenomena. The PDO was first recognized in the data sets in 1997, so our understanding of it is still evolving. We suspect the cold-phase PDO has partially accounted for the somewhat bogus “hiatus” in global warming (the temp records failed to include the Arctic, where huge warming has been underway, and the North Pacific is a very big area), but we think the PDO is getting ready to switch. That may relieve the CA drought, but climate change may also have altered the whole system, so forecasts are problematic. Regardless, CA is in real trouble. This may be on a par with the disruptions from the Dustbowl.

Lawrence B. Cahoon, Professor
Biology and Marine Biology
University of N C Wilmington

In response to the original article by Brunswick Green:

Deforestation leads to DROUGHT

A case study – Turning California into a DESERT:

  • The blame is El Nino, weather patterns, excessive farming and tilling, mismanagement of watersheds.
  • The culprit happened long ago: If one conducts extensive research in logging and deforestation measures in the state of California for the past two centuries, the truth will be shown.
  • We look at past civilizations that became COMPLETELY abandoned and the NUMBER ONE answer (per scientific core samples) is: (1) DEFORESTATION (2) DROUGHT (3) FAILED CROPS.

I ask everyone to do the research. The data will be hard to find, yet IT DOES EXISTS. Compile your research and create your conclusion.




  1. Martha Lee says:

    You are absolutley correct

  2. Larry Cahoon says:

    I’d be curious to know the mechanism(s) by which deforestation leads to drought in California’s case. We are reasonably certain that large-scale deforestation in the Amazon has reduced rainfall there by cutting evapotranspiration, which rapidly recycles soil moisture into water vapor, but California’s proximity to the Pacific suggests other drivers of drought.

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