Brunswick County NC Fall Planting Guide

Fall is just around the corner and August is the time of year to plant your fall garden.

Natural Flea Prevention for Pets

I read several articles on pet flea prevention by placing Amethysts Crystals in the pet’s water bowl.

Earthworm Burgers

You may one day be eating earthworm casserole. And redworm cookies.

Is Biofuel the solution?

In one simple statement: Fossil fuels are biomass from fossilized organisms. This is STORED CARBON buried under layers of sediment.

Success Story of NC Road-Side Farmer

I came across this incredible video about Thomas Pierce and his family business of maintaining a small farm and vegetable stand.

How does tidal energy work?

Tidal power traditionally involves erecting a dam across the opening to a tidal basin. The dam includes a sluice that is opened to allow the tide to flow into the basin;

Geothermal Energy Map

The Geothermal Potential Map is a coast to coast visual reference of available geothermal energy in the United States.

Brunswick County NC Solar Farm Ordinances

The below was exerted from Brunswick County, North Carolina, Code of Ordinances >> PART I – CODE OF ORDINANCES >> APPENDIX E – UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE >> ARTICLE 5. – PERMITTED USES 5.3.4. – Public and Civic Uses P. Solar Farm A Solar Farm developed as a principal use shall be permitted in accordance with […]