Brunswick County NC Solar Farm Ordinances

The below was exerted from Brunswick County, North Carolina, Code of Ordinances >> PART I – CODE OF ORDINANCES >> APPENDIX E – UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE >> ARTICLE 5. – PERMITTED USES

5.3.4. – Public and Civic Uses

P. Solar Farm

A Solar Farm developed as a principal use shall be permitted in accordance with Section 5.2., subject to the following:

1. Setbacks

Solar farms shall meet the minimum zoning setbacks for the zoning district in which located.

2. Height

Twenty (20) feet maximum.

3. Visibility

a. Solar farms with panels located at least one hundred fifty (150) feet from an adjacent public street right-of-way, residentially zoned property, or residential use shall not require screening.

b. Solar farms with panels located less than one hundred fifty (150) feet from an adjacent public street right-of-way must meet the requirements of Section 7.2.8.B. Street Buffers and Section 7.2.9. Project Boundary Buffers.

4. Application Requirements

a. A site plan denoting the dimensions of the parcel, proposed solar farm location (arrangement of panels), distance from the proposed area to all property lines and location of the driveway(s). No portion of the system area may encroach into the required setbacks and any buffer area(s).

b. The site plan should also show any street buffer(s) and any project boundary buffer(s).

c. Horizontal and vertical (elevation) to-scale drawings with dimensions. The drawings must show the location of the system on the property.

d. State and Local Storm Water permits may be required based upon ground cover.

e. If applicable, the applicant must apply and receive from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) a driveway permit, or submit documentation from NCDOT that the existing site access is acceptable for the required use prior to final project approval.

5. Installation and Design

a. Approved Solar Components – Electric solar energy system components must have a UL listing and must be designed with anti-reflective coating(s).

b. Compliance with Building and Electrical Code – All solar farms shall meet all requirements of the International Building Code with North Carolina Amendments.

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